The uninhibited spirit that's been hiding in the dimly lit corners of your mind. A unique beauty with a unique mind. My ceaseless physical and intellectual energy readily transfer to any lascivious activities we happen to engage in together. You may even get in a good workout.

Beyond a long academic history, I'm fairly well-travelled and have had many life experiences that have cultivated an openness to new and unique ideas. Our conversations will be far from boring. Expect exchanges ranging from witty, pointless chitchat to disclosures of our intimate desires to amicable debates.

I live a life of sexual adventure and exploration. Having created some of my fondest memories, I'm constantly surprised by how much more there is to discover about myself. Let me be a resource for generating some of your own memories. You can completely bury yourself in my company. Shed all of your social responsibilities – loving husband, shot-caller, professional authority, amicable funny-guy. Our meeting can be of your own invention, or let me take control. Experiences that may haunt you for life.

"You sit on an unforgiving park bench feeling the coldness of the ornate, Victorian, wrought iron motif that presses against your spine against your spine. Perhaps you’re looking for an adventure to break your daily routine. You notice my low buttoned, ivory colored blouse flow like waves on the ocean as I seductively walk towards you. That morning, in a rush, I absent mindedly (or perhaps with subconscious intent) wore a light blue bra of lace as delicate as a spider’s web, which resultantly presents a scene of erect, dark projections amidst the sea of ivory silk. You feel your other senses swell with resolve..."

I have a slender yet athletic physique – a firm derrière to grab onto atop narrow hips and toned legs. I stand 5’5”, 120 lbs and am naturally blessed with a 36D measurement. I have skin and facial features that could descend from a collage ethnicities. However, as much as anyone in modern history can consider themselves of a single ancestry, I consider myself of South American descent. I have great skin and am comfortable wearing anything from absolutely no makeup (see Candids and Gallery 2014-15) to dramatically enhancing my already-seductive features (Gallery 2016). It depends on my mood, but I'm happy to accommodate your request.

“I catch your eyes trailing over me, so as I leave, I playfully bend over to fix the delicate strap on my heel giving you a peek just shy of being able to see whether or not I’m wearing the delicate blue panties that match my bra. The slightest of breezes necessary for lifting up my skirt and answering this most urgent question doesn’t arrive in time...”

I love being outdoors taking in the beauty and using the terrain to challenge myself physically. I find adrenaline a lubricious precursor to amorous activity. For this reason, I left my last home of California for Colorado. I’ve found the proximity of Boulder/Denver to the mountains a nice compromise between these two forces in my life. I consider myself a mountain biker and absolutely thrive on “interesting” trails. I anticipate in the summer months frequently leaving for adventures in the mountains. I have, after all, spent the last 6 or so summers on the Western slope where I was doing research for my PhD, which I joyously completed in 2015.

“Aroused by the unshakeable memory of the preceding day, you break from the restraints of your daily routine and return to the cold wrought iron of the bench. Today, I'm wearing tight leggings. You approach me. You see my thong through the slightest translucency of my pants as you imagine your vulgar tongue...and my whimpers of surrender..."

Meet me in person to find out what happens next.


I'm based in the Denver/Boulder area. If you are anywhere in CO, I'm happy to cover my cost of visiting you at your location for appointments 3 h or longer. For many major US cities, the same applies for appointments 12 h or longer.

For those I've met within the last 4 mo., I'm happy to honor our previous arrangement.


Denver & Boulder in*/outcall

V's Island Fantasy

Did you know the Mediterranean has more than 3k islands?! Let's visit them all! I welcome novices and authorities on travel to the region. Please add $100 and let me know you'd like to partake in my island fantasy prior to our appointment. It's never a bad time to remind oneself of Rule #8.

Additional Info

I'm always honored to be invited to join couples - I require a 90 min minimum and an additional $100. I typically ask for a 20% deposit to reserve a 12+ h appointment, which I refund if cancellation notice is given at least 36 h in advance.


Like me, I’m sure you're interested in meeting with someone of high compatibility. I assess the potential for connection, in part, through your introductory message.


If booking by email, please include the following:



Some fine print

More about me

Answer: I have an open and casual attitude with my sexuality, which has resulted in some of my fondest memories. I receive tremendous personal satisfaction by sharing my sexuality with others and being a source for others to generate their own steamy memories; I truly enjoy the process of building intimacy by learning about another person. In doing so, I also continue to learn more about myself. I hope when we meet that you will, too.
Answer: I'm open to establishing a long-term arrangement with near and dear clients.
Answer: Yes! Costumes and role playing are fun. After I've screened you, don't hesitate to make specific or general requests, or to tell me your interests. I'm extremely open minded.
Answer:I have a few friends that I play doubles with. Feel free to ask me who they are. I'm also open to meeting with another lady that you request. A doubles session entails my rate plus my partner's rate.
Answer: I have eclectic tastes and interests and view learning as a life-long hobby, so I'm sure I'll be happy doing whatever you decide. We can make it up as we go along or make a concrete plan

Whether we stay local or create an adventure in some exotic place or anything in between, I make a fun travel companion. I'm all about learning and new experiences. My soul lies in experiencing the outdoors through physical activity. Hiking a peak while hunting for crystals? Going out on the bike and finding a boulder to "rest" on? I think physical activity with another person builds a special and uncommon type of intimacy. As much as I enjoy appreciating the beauty of nature, I'm also fascinated by the beauty that others create and the ideas that's are visually expressed - You can also make me happy with a trip to a museum of art where we can get to know one another while sharing our internal reactions that a piece might evoke or we could walk around the city in search for gems of street art. And conversation over food and a cocktail? I'm as at home at a taco truck as I am at a fine culinary establishment (as a scientist, I'm a fan of molecular gastronomy).

Some places on my adventure travel list: Nevado Sajama in Bolivia (highest timberline in the world - the ecology there must be amazing! Pamukkale in Turkey (beautiful mineral terraces and hot springs to soak in, plus I've never been to that part of the world); Soca River Gorge in Slovenia (I've explored Slovenia a bit on a bike tour, but missed this spot of crystal blue water). While there's something fun and beautiful to admire in every part of the world, there are also many interesting places nearby; I always enjoy visiting San Francisco and have been meaning to check out Vancouver BC. If we haven't met before and you're interested in luxuriating with me for longer than 36 h, I may suggest we first meet for a shorter engagement.
Answer: I have glowing reviews on TER and a history of P411 verifications. I am also Slixa Photo Verified.
Answer: Just your wonderful self! While I have a nice collection of my own, including toys for boys, you should feel free to bring any of your own that you enjoy or feel free to ask me to procure something specific for you. If you would like to gift me a toy, please be sure it is sealed in its original packaging.
Answer: I prefer experiences over tangibles, but anything thoughtful will capture my attention. I have a penchant for curiosities. You can check out my Amazon wish list. I also like jewelry from Eleven44, Tawapa and Maya Jewelry. Lingerie, I'm typically a 36D bra and panty size size small (2). If you want to see me dressed in something of your choosing, you can send it to me from Neiman Marcus as an e-gift. However, getting to know one another over dinner or sharing a travel experience with you would be the ultimate gift.