There are ethereal entities of lust and love deeply woven into the cosmos. They emerge only to inhabit my soul so that I may impart pleasure onto others along the way. Always uninhibited, I’m deviant as much as I am sensual and will come to reside the dimly lit corners of your psyche. Perhaps you’re aware of your desires but have been too shy, too busy to pursue. I would delight in facilitating your explorations.

A connection with nature through outdoor recreation and physical activity is one way I nourish my soul. Building anticipation over a long meal or exploring the city with my arm in yours also sparks something deep within me; something I will want to share with you.

A major theme in my life has been seeking out dramatic changes in perspective. I love learning while traveling and adventuring, sampling new cuisines, and have pursued an extensive formal education. However, my interests have entered into a new era of learning - discovering parts of myself that I had never seen before, in particular, those parts that reveal themselves via direct sensual encounter. I hope if we meet that you’ll learn a little bit about your own self. A paradigm shift may be just what you need for solving a problem at work or conquering that challenging bouldering problem.

Whether it be for a few hours or an entire day, expect our exchanges to range from witty, pointless chitchat to amicable debates sprinkled with flirtatious touches and insinuations. Let's experience life and get lost in one another.

In lust and love,