There are ethereal entities of lust and love deeply woven into the cosmos. They emerge only to inhabit my soul so that I may impart pleasure onto others along the way. Always uninhibited and as deviant as I am sensual, I would love to create your own very special staycation, provide you with a wonderful diversion on a business trip, or meet you for a full-fledged, unabashed, hedonistic destination vacation.

A connection with nature through outdoor recreation and physical activity is one way I nourish my soul. Building anticipation over a long meal or exploring the city with my arm in yours also sparks something deep within me; something I will want to share with you.

A major theme in my life has been seeking out dramatic changes in perspective. I love learning while traveling, adventuring and sampling new foods. I have pursued an extensive formal education in the sciences - from rocks to animals. However, my interests have entered into a new era of learning - discovering parts of myself that I had never seen before, in particular, those parts that reveal themselves via direct sensual encounter. I hope when we meet that you’ll learn a little bit about your own self; a paradigm shift may be just what you need for moving forward in your profession, personal life or athletic training endeavors.

Whether it be for a few hours or a weekend, I can't wait to accompany you for a quick drink, a one-on-one stroll through a museum or an evening of conversation over a dinner while admiring city lights or a mountain landscape. Expect our exchanges to range from witty, pointless chitchat to amicable debates sprinkled with flirtatious touches and insinuations.

In lust and love,

-Violeta Apacheta